I. Background

In 2009 we established the Mekong English Centre (MEC) with 150 students. We have been using a local English syllabus and Lao teachers with the participation of foreign volunteers. In 2014, we had 300 students. Later, we moved to a new, larger building. This new building is located in Ban Nasang Vuay, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR. We now have 500 students, who have come in the wake of the growing of the tourist industry in Luang Prabang , there is an increasing amount of need for English in LPB every year.  In 2017, we have expand to Ban Namthoum District in Northern of LPB.

Due to the fact that Luang prabang is a world heritage site, many people have been coming from all over the world. We have many tourists, business owners, and different people coming to live and work in LPB. Because of this English has become necessary for Lao people, especially those who live in LPB. Local people need to speak English to get a job in a hotel, or a restaurant, and we would like to provide those people with the language to be able to work. Luang Prabang is also the center of Education in the north of Laos and students from 7 different provinces come to LPB to learn, and those who come also want to learn English. The Bright Centre will try to become a part of their education process, and would like to help the people of LPB, and by a larger extent people from all over Laos, become successful.

Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world.  It has been proven that to drag a country out of its poverty, people must educated - this includes both boys and girls.  The Lao and the Japanese governments have put in place many scholarships in the north of Laos.  The Lao education system is improving slowly but surely.  The South Korean government has built and equipped a University in Luang Prabang.  The classes taught now require students to access information on the Internet for their studies.  To do this they must have a good command of English.

Bright Centre wants to provide these things, but it will be a huge investment, however we will strive to be able to make a fair price for these students. To be fair to the students we have already, and allow for the maximum amount of students to learn with our centre. Therefor The Bright Centre will charge only 300,000 kip (approximately $38) for 20 classes a month, or $500,000 kip ($US 62.02) for a term of three months, or 60 classes.


Donations: Our school regularly donates to different organizations helping Laos, and we need your help. We donate to flood disasters as well as poor schools who cannot afford textbooks or school uniforms.  However, we need donations to be able to continue doing these things.


Volunteers: Our school is equipped with professional International teachers, however we welcome volunteers to assist in our classrooms with extra games, extra speaking exercises, and extra field trips and overnight trips to different areas in Laos.  To help the students feel more comfortable speaking with many people from different parts of the world. 


Levels:  In our school we have six different course levels, each with its own textbook, timeline, and curriculum.  We provide English classes for Children, Students, and Adults, as well as professional English.  We use the Headway Textbooks, published by the Oxford publishing company.  At the end of each course a certificate is provided.

               hSponsorship Program

Sponsors:  Our school works closely with Buddhist Novices and students from minority groups in the countryside of Laos.  However, many of these students and novices cannot afford to study for a long time.  To help we provide a sponsorship program, so that people from all over the world can sponsor these students to continue their studies, and help them with their English growth.



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