Each year, we provide scholarships to support and help more than 150 poor students. We also provide opportunities for people to donate and be a part of sponsoring our poor students.


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Country Profile
Laos is one of the poorest countries in the world, especially in the Northern provinces. During the war in Vietnam, Northern Laos was heavily affected, and is still rebuilding from those times.

Laos did not get independence as a country until 1975, therefor an education system, supported by the government, did not exist in Northern Laos until that time. In current times the government of Laos provide public schools in each districts, however this is still not enough. Often the schools are underequipped, and only in specific towns.

Due to the location of Laos and its history, the country is quite involved in the Drug Trade, especially in the North of Laos. We believe that the lack of education in the countryside in Laos directly helps this trade, and that when the young people of Laos are not able to access education, sometimes they find themselves involved in this problem. We want to prevent this, which is why we would like to sponsor our students, so that instead of getting involved in the drug trade, they can have access to jobs, and a secure future.

Many people in the hills and countryside of Laos still do not have access to any form of education, or if they do they have to travel massive distances every day to go to school. Due to the Lao geography, many hill tribe people do not even have a road connecting them to another village. Let alone have a school in their own village, so often students in those hill tribes have to walk through wilderness for hours to be able to study. Which is very dangerous for them, due to the wars in the 1900s, and the remnants left behind from those times. Another problem, as we said before, some of these students are attracted by the allure of easy money via the drug trade, and give up on their education, due to the fact that the drug trade is closer to home, and easier for them to get involved in than schooling. Those are the problems facing the poor students in the countryside of Laos and those are the people that we are planning to support with our Sponsorship programs, we want to help the people who would not normally be able to have this access to education have the opportunity to learn, and secure them a good future.

We also want to provide access to education to the Buddhist Novices and Monks in Laos. Buddhism is the main religion in Laos, and people from all over Laos join the temple, many of whom are between the ages of 10-19 years old. While in the temple, the Novices and Monks are not allowed to work, or earn money, this limits the amount of education a Novice can get. We want to be able to sponsor these novices, and provide English lessons for them, so that when they finish their time in the temple, they do not have a major disadvantage in finding a job.

Interested in Sponsoring? Here‘s how.

The person who would be providing the sponsorship (The Sponsor)

  • You can visit our website: http://www.brightcentre-laos.org/ and take a look at the students profiles, and see how the student is doing in their studies.
  • After looking through the student profiles, they can choose a student they would like to sponsor.
  • Send us an Email! With the Students Name(s), your name, and how long you would like to sponsor.
  • After we can arrange a payment deal!
  • When you sponsor a student, the Bright Centre Staff will provide contact with the student. So that you can talk to them, and maintain a good relationship with your sponsored student.
  • The sponsor will be able to visit the school anytime to meet the student, and see how they do in class.

The Conditions of the Students

  • They have to have been studying with the Bright Centre for a month already.
  • The family of the students would not be able to continue to pay for the studies themselves.
  • Bright Centre staff have met with the student, and their family, and discussed their future with the Sponsorship Program.
  • Their attendance, and effort in class time is noticed, and they show a desire to learn.

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