Bright Centre for Vocational Development will hire only native English teachers. The teachers, who will be hired to teach English in our centre must pass our curriculum training program and have employment contracts.

Teacher Bruce 

Mr. Bruce Levy

My name is Mr. Bruce Levy.  I’m 51 years old.  I’m from Sydney, Australia.  I’ve been teaching in Asia for 15 years.  Prior to teaching I was a PADI scuba instructor.  I’ve taught in two international schools in Thailand and Laos, a large private Catholic school in Thailand and taught social sciences for seven years in a English program school in Ratchaburi, Thailand.  

I moved to Luang Prabang because it is a very special and beautiful town.  In the 1980s i studied engineering at the University of Alaska, USA.  In 2012 I completed my Master’s Degree in Education and Aministration from the Ifugao State University in Bangkok, Thailand.  I have taught English, Science, Social Sciences, Geography, Politics, Law, Math, Religions, Philosophy, and Hospitality

Teacher Elvis 

Mr. Bokwe Bokwe Elvis

Hi!  My name is Mr. Bokwe Bokwe Elvis.  I’m from Yaounde, Cameroon.  I’m a holder of Bachelor Degree in Arts and Letters from the University of Yaounde 1 Cameroon, Diploma in Business from Cambridge Institute of Buea Cameroon and Grade 1 Certificate from Higher Teachers Training College Yaounde Cameroon.  I’m a teacher by profession.  I have been teaching for six years which is a great experience for me dealing with students from different cultural background such as in Thailand where teaching was all about fun.

However, from my research on the internet I discovered that Luang Prabang is one of the beautiful and fast growing city in tourism in Laos.  This has made many young learners to have an objective to study English in order to have a good job in the future which is my priority to contribute to someone’s success.  Also, the touristic sites gather with the warmness and quietness of the city contributed for my living in Luang Prabang.

 Teacher Mickey

Ms. Mickey Philip

I am South African.  I have been teaching English in South East Asia for the past 4 years at various private institutions and International schools.  I am an experienced and well-rounded educator.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach a diverse group of primary students at the Oscar Bilingual School for the past 2 years in Vientiane.

I am passionate about teaching English as a foreign language to young adults who see the advantages of being able to engage with the international world.  I strive to teach hands-on elements in a fun way so students can benefit from that in their everyday life.  I like to see my students develop (academically, socially and emotionally) and be comfortable with the English language.

Teacher Nong 

Mr. Nong

Sa Bai Dee!  My name is Mr. Mangkone Silakone.  I am an American teacher from California, USA.  I‘ve studied Civil Engineering at De Anza College in Cupertino, Caliornia.  I was a Physical Education teacher at Elementary schools in Cupertino for 3 years then I left teaching to work for a networking giant company Cisco Systems for the next decade or so.

I was born outside of Luang Prabang in Ban Na Sao before my family migrated to America when I was 8 years old.  After living in America for the last 30 years, I’ve decided to move back to Laos.  I got into teaching because there’s nothing better then seeing smiles and joy coming from young children’s face.  I am living in Luang Prabang because I want to help our children succeed in there educations and giving them hope for their future.  

Teacher Owen

Mr. Owen Dullaghan

Hello! My name is Owen Dullaghan. I am a Canadian Citizen, born in Wales, UK. I was raised in Calgary, Alberta, and Finished my Education in May 2016.
I came to Laos in January 2017, to teach English with a local NGO.I had originally come to Laos for 10 weeks as a Volunteer, but quickly fell in love with teaching in Laos and signed up for a 6 month internship with my NGO. During my time in Laos I had teaching training and leadership training, Lao Language Training, and I completed the TEFL Academy course. I have taught in 7 different schools in Luang Prabang with my NGO with a variety of students; children as young as 5 years old to college students as old as 30.

Towards the end of my internship with my NGO, I realized I wanted to stay in Laos, it was at this time that I approached the head of my organization asking for contacts. They directed me to Mr Inlang, and I joined the Bright Centre Team. I work as a Model Teacher for the Bright Centre, and am involved in Volunteer Training, and other Administration jobs, as-well as directly teaching.

Teacher Sarah 

Ms. Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah, I am a teacher from Australia.  I received my degree from the University of Adelaide before earning my TEFL certificate in Thailand.  I spent a year teaching English in Thailand before moving to Luang Prabang a year ago.  I’m living in beautiful Luang Prabang and teaching Elementary Level at Bright Centre. 


Our office staff includes: a board of directors, office unit managers, teachers, receptionists, accountants, coordinators, housekeepers, security guards, and a secretary.


Mr. Inlaeng Vongsouvanh (Director)

Hello, my name is Inlang, I was born in Chaiyabouly, Laos. I am the Director and head of the Administration Board of the Bright Centre.
I spent over 7 years as an English teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When I came back to Laos, I planned to open an English Centre in Luang Prabang. Then I met Mr Claus Haumer who had his own English centre in Luang Prabang. After having discussed how to develop the Centre we decided to establish Mekong English Centre (MEC).

This year I began running some experiments, and observing more closely the teaching techniques of our school, and how they affect the learning of our students. We found that a large portion of our students would benefit from a change in the approach we had originally had taken with MEC.  With the Bright Centre, I have decided to follow the Headway Books, and try to change our teaching techniques. Our original way of teaching was very similar to the typical Lao classroom style, however many Lao students were not engaged in class, so I decided that we should use an international way of teaching, called the Commutative Approach, and use Native English Speakers as teachers. I hired Mr. Owen and Mr. Biue, both experienced English Teachers who have used this teaching technique in their classrooms for some time, to spearhead this approach to our school, and try to help these students learn more, and be more engaged during our classes.


Mr. Bousuay  Vongsouvanh

Hello, My name Bousuay, or Apple. I got my BA in English from Chiang Mai University in 2011, and I then received my MA in Business Administration from Ramkhamheang University in Bangkok, Thailand. During my time in Thailand I promoted myself as an English Teacher for Novices and in Hospitals around Bangkok and Chiang Mai. In 2013, I decided to move to LPB.

Following that I came back to Luang Prabang to Teach English and work with students. I completed the English Teacher Training Course at MEC in 2016. Afterwards I found out what Mr. Inlangs plans were with the Bright Centre, and his ideas to change the approach of teaching in our school. I decided that I would like to join him, so I joined the Bright Centre Team. I am working as the General Manager of the Bright Centre, I am working on the sponsorship program, and am on the board of directors.

Mr. Sichai Sengchanhkham

Hello, my name is Sichai Sengchanhkham. I was born in 1982.  I'm Lao Leu and I was born in Ngeun District, Sayaboury Province. I finished Finance College in Luang Prabang in 2005.  There are five people in my family: my parents, two older sisters, one older brother and me. I'm already married. I have one son. His name is Lee O and he's 3 years old. Now we live in Ban Phoumock, Luang Prabang.

We came to live in Luang Prabang in 2008. Before I came to Luang Prabang I worked with Photixay Thailand Company. I was an accountant at Tadsae for 2 years and after that I worked with Lasi Airticketing at Xieng Mouan village for 3 years. Today I work at The Bright Centre, I am the General Finance Manager and am in charge of both the BC and NGO Sponsorship Programs.


Ms. Khamlar Lee

Hello! My name is Khamlar Lee, I am Hmong and I am 25 years old.  I was born in PhouSong Village, Luang Prabang District and Province, Lao PDR.  I was born in farmer family, our family worked in the fields.  After I finished high school I moved to Luang Prabang town for my education.  I spend almost four years in Northern Teaching College for my first undergraduate in English teaching.  I love teaching English to kids, in 2015 I got my first job in Luang Prabang at San Fun Pre-School.  I spent two years working with this school and it was a great experience.  

Since early 2017 I changed to work with Bright Centre for Vocational Development.  It was very challenging for me to work with bigger organization with so many foreigners and different people.  Anyway I love it because I can work with foreigners and all teachers who come from around the world.  This is my passion because I love English.


We will serve two groups of students: the first group is 11-13 years of age and the other group is 14+ years of age.


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